Sewing Machines and Vacuums has been what we do since 1991! Over those years we have learned a thing or two about quality not only with the machines and equipment we sell but also in the value of quality long lasting relationships with our great customers. We have entire families who have been doing business with us. When a business has been providing great service for as long as we have we are starting to do business with grand children of customer. We have been providing sales, support and service and find that making the right purchase can save you a bunch of money and give you less headaches than if you buy a lesser quality Vacuum or Sewing Machine. We realize that the competition is greater than ever though there is also a greater divide between the choices you can make. We carry the machines that offer you the greatest overall value. Over the years we have touched on every make and model available and seen them come and go with the latest and greatest offerings. There are a few gems that have been around for ever that stand out. We carefully looked at and considered price, durability and over all value. There are some vacuums that are super high priced and will literally last for ever and then there are a few vacuums that fit into a medium price range that we have seen awesome durability and longevity from. We also focus greatly on performance and feel our vacuums are among the highest rated machines available.

Colton Vacuum Store and Sewing Machine Sales and service team