GT Sew & Vac Central Vac Services

We install and service central vacs for household & commercial.

GT Sew & Vac Vacuum Cleaners:

Get advice from the experts. There are hundreds of brands and models of vacuum cleaners on the market today. Vacuum cleaners are available from a variety of outlets. Your local independent floor care retailers are experts on vacuum cleaners and other home or business cleaning aids. That’s our business.

GT Sew & Vac+ can give you advice & information not available from any other outlet. The benefit of years of experience and product knowledge on a large variety of vacuum cleaner brands & models. Every home has a different cleaning situation – pets, allergies, carpet type, hard floor surfaces, etc … GT Sew & Vac+ can show you how different vacuum cleaner models will handle them all.

Vacuum Parts:

*Fittings * Attachments Sets * Hoses* Power Heads * Garage Kits

* Vac Pan * Food Sealer * Filters and All Those Hard-To-Find Parts and Bags

Why Change Your Vacuum Belt Every 3 Months?

Your vacuum’s cleaning efficiency depends on it. The drive shaft or motor pulley turns the belt which causes the brushroll to turn and provides the necessary agitation. After about 3 months, the belt has stretched, causing the belt to slip on the drive shaft. It only takes a minute to change the belt but it can save hours of cleaning time and effort!