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Sewing Machine Repair Specialists is devoted exclusively to the sewing industry. We provide sewing machine sales, sewing machine parts, supplies and repairs on our extensive experience in, commercial and industrial, household sewing machine repair to help solve your sewing related problems. Contact us if you have sewing needs. We know what works!

Each model of sewing machine has it’s own unique qualities and performance capabilities. To adequately determine which sewing machine is right for you, an expert demonstration by a qualified sewing professional is essential. At GT Sew & Vac+ we can meet your sewing needs.

* Walking Foot * Single Needle * Zig Zag * Coverlock * Overlock * Double Needle and more

How Often Should You Service Your Sewing Machine?

Lint, thread and broken needles can collect in the needle bar, hook and feed mechanism, causing problems that can stop the machine from sewing. The machines need oiling, even sitting in the closet, the oils on the machine will dry out.

Sewing Machine Parts:

* Needles * Presser Foot * Machine Lights and More …

*Bring in your vacuum or sewing machine and get 15% off with service!


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